Weight Loss Stats – A Comparison

I’ve started keeping a journal recording my Focus t25 journey. I’ll publishing my weight, body fat using my Fibit Aria Scale and my body measurements. My plan here is two-fold, keep myself accountable and have a nice visual reference to the weight loss stats and changes. I wish I would have done something similar with the other workouts I’ve done over the course of the past year.

As I was entering my measurements I went back to March 2013 when I first recorded my body measurements. One thing to note here is from January 24th, 2013 through March 29th, 2013 I had lost over 31.8 pounds already so these numbers were much higher. I’ve never actually sat down at did the math, but its shocking!

Weight Loss Graph

Weight Loss Stats

Body Measurements Compared
Month Date Weight BFat% Chest Hips Waist LArm RArm LLeg RLeg
March 29 2013 263.8 36.4% 48in 44in 49in 15in 15in 25in 25in
January 26 2014 188.9 18.7% 41.5in 38in 36.5in 13in 13in 22.75in 22.75in
Total -74.9lb -17.7% -7.5in -6in -12.5in -2in -2in -2.25in -2.25in