we got another dog…

A family member of mine recently surrendered their dog of 7 years to the local vet. My wife and I have always talked about how we felt we could provide the dog with a better more stable home but never really knew how we could approach the situation without causing any unneeded drama.

Things got interesting when another family member I had stopped to visit was upset, I proceeded to ask what was wrong and got a heartbreaking story about how the dog had been surrendered to the local vet because they could not take care of her nor pay for the surgery she needed to have her bladder stones taken care of.

I wish they would have asked my wife and I to help them or take the dog we would of happily done so. My wife and I are big animals lovers we have 3 dogs and 2 cats already and sometimes its crazy but it’s well worth the enjoyment. When I found out I immediately went to the vet and asked if she had been adopted and offered to pay the $1000 to have her surgery taken care of if we could adopt her. The hardest part for me was knowing this poor dog had only known one family and was about to be given to someone else at the age of 7 it seemed heartbreaking to me to let this happen, since she knows us and loves our border collie.

The vet called me back this morning and OK’d the adoption, she is going to have her surgery on Monday and we’ll be able to pick her up on Tuesday. In the end I hope we’ll be able to provide her with a good home and the ability to run in a large yard and play with other dogs.