Rocks and Roots Trail Series 20k

Rocks and Roots Trail Series 20k

A few months ago I signed up for the Rocks and Roots trail series here in Ohio. The race had an option where you could register for two races one in January and on in February. Today, was the first race and it was a 20k (12.4 miles). The weather was around 20 degrees, snowy with a mild wind.

5 Mile Mark

A few things I did that I wont repeat in February

  • The water and waterline in my Camelbak froze. Bummer..
  • I wore a pair of injini tow socks and covered them with a pair of Feetures thick socks. (I got some serious blisters with this combo)

What I will do again and differently

  • I wore three layers, a light base ($5 Costco special dry/warm shirt, who knew it was really decent), a thicker smartwool layer and a thicker REI running coat.
  • I’ll double my socks, but the bottom layer will be a pair of Wrightsocks. I have the best luck with those.
  • My brooks pure grit 3 head up nicely.

I finished 20 out of 74 in the 20k pool. I’m pretty happy with that with a time of 2 hours and 12 minutes.

I loved this race and it was a really good way to kick off 2015.