Green Mountain Marathon Vermont

It’s been a month since I last posted and during that time my wife I took a trip to Vermont to accomplish a few goals, run a marathon and visit her family.

We set off to run the marathon on a Saturday morning, it was cold, around 30-35 degree’s and sunny. Around 8:30am the race started and we paced ourselves for a 12 minute mile, about 2 hours and 30 minutes into the race we reached the half way point (13.1 miles).

We were feeling pretty good at that point since we had ran that distance many times during the summer, however, around mile 19 or 20 I hit the “wall” so to speak its and odd feeling when you body just stops running and you unconsciously start to walk.  I am about 2-3 miles ahead of my wife at this point, we made a pact that we would go ahead of each other if we felt like we could, I did.

Around mile 21 I met up with an awesome lady named Dorthy, her spirit and positive energy got me through the last 5.2 miles of that marathon and I’ll never forget the time we ran together. She’ll probably never see this blog, but I just want to say thanks Dorothy. Dorthy and I finished 1 second apart, I was dehydrated, delusional and I was trying to comprehend how my wife was already at the finish line. Come to find out she made it 19 miles before she had to stop, I was proud of her for making it that far.

I finished the marathon, 26.2 miles in just under 5 hours and 30 minutes, all those months of hard training actually paid off.

The marathon was around Lake Champlain here is a picture of the sunset there.