Fitness Motivation and Goals

Fitness motivation & Goals. This past weekend I hit some new milestones in my fitness and weight-loss journey and I wanted to share them really quick.

I’ve lost 100lbs to date & hit my goal!

Fitbit 100.1lbs lost!

I started this journey on January 24th, 2013 and today I officially lost 100lbs. To put some perspective in January I was a size 44-46 pant, XXL with a size 18 1/2 in neck. Today, I’m a 32-24 waist with a Medium or Large shirt and a 16in neck size.

I’m going to focus on loosing another 20-25 pounds and continue focus on dropping my body fat from 21% to 12-15%.

If you need some motivation, grab a Fitbit!

I ran my fastest 5k pace today – Motivation

Me in the red shirt! – Lifting Hopes 5k

I ran the Lifting Hopes 5k today, it was a pump and run and I got put in the pump category and just went with it. From my calculations I would have finished 3rd in the 5k.  However, I did manage to run my personal best time of 7:12/average mile finishing in 22:19.