Brooks Pure Cadence 2 Review

I decided to take my new Brooks Pure Cadence 2 shoes for a test run before the 5k I’m running on Sunday. In the past I haven’t had good luck with Brook’s shoes because the toe box is generally to large and my feet slide around and I wicked blisters on my toes. However,  I was pleasantly surprised in these shoes. They have a nice snug fit, much like my Saucony Mirage 3’s and appear to be more durable.

My run was good considering I have a nasty sinus infection so my breathing was off and my hear rate was elevated. However, I did manage to pull in a 7:21 average mile pace finishing with a time 22:07.

Brooks Pure Cadence 2

The shoes were snug and very comfortable and I really enjoyed running in them. After a few more runs I’ll be able to make a more decisive decision but right now I’m going to keep them as my main running shoe. They were sturdy and provided good support, I tend to pronate more on my left foot and these shoes seem to help correct that a little. My initial impressions:


  • Snug Fit
  • Well constructed
  • They offer more cushion than the Mirage 3’s do.


  • The shoe laces are about 3-4 inches to long

Also, I’ve been running with custom inserts I had made back in June at Road Runner Sports here in Columbus, Ohio and I think I might running without them on Sunday. I have a feeling that my feet have changed considering I’m wearing a size 11.5 now and back in the spring I was wearing a size 12 or 12.5 and I have a feeling that the inserts might be bothering my left knee.