Travel, Workouts & Food

This week has been a whirl wind in regards to travel and eating on the road. I flew into Boston, MA on Monday night and few out Wednesday night. However, I was able to maintain my workout schedule this week but the travel did play a role in workouts that I felt were not optimal.

Monday, October 21 – Abs, Pure Cardio and Chest/Triceps – I felt really good after this workout Monday morning, total time spent working out was around 1.5 hours. However, I think I pushed myself a little to hard and that combined with travel put a toll on my body.

Tuesday, October 22 – Typically this is a running/cardio day. I wasn’t really feeling it but I was able to get a 2 mile treadmill run in at the hotel.

Wednesday, October 23 – Abs, Back & Biceps. I hit the hotel gym at 5:30am and was able to get my back/biceps workout in. However, much like Tuesday I was dragging and I felt like it wasn’t an optimal workout.

Thursday, October 24 – I took the day off.

During the course of the travel week I maintained my weight at 195.8lbs and stuck with eating Egg Whites, Oatmeal,  Grilled chicken, Salmon, vegetables, and Rise Bars. The hotel actually had a pretty decent restaurant that I ate Salmon at twice, I always ask for a custom meal without additional sauces etc. The biggest challenge I found was eating at the Washington DC National Airport, the terminal I was in had lack luster options so I settled on a Chicken sandwich from Fuddruckers for dinner.