Get Fit – Taking the Steps

Taking the right steps to get fit are easy, if you look in the right places and get creative. It’s as easy as 1-2-3. When my friends or colleagues see me and it’s been a few months or I meet someone new, I share my story and I always get the question “what is your trick” or “how did you do it” or “did you have surgery”.

The answer is simple and I’ll break it down into three categories that I feel are important. If you find that you are struggling in the first or second category you will struggle, this journey takes serious motivation and self will power. BUT, it in the long run its worth it.

1 – Motivation

Motivation is the first and foremost the important step to making the change. If you are not 100% committed mentally to making the changes needed to drastically change your life and get fit then you will most likely become frustrated and give up. You need to be committed and have positive motivators to help you through your journey, for example my positive motivators were my family and the tools that helped me were my Fitbit Flex and the FitBit Aria scale.

I used the Fitbit to set goals for myself and simple ones at that, for example I set myself to walk 10,000 steps per day, 5 miles per day and burn around 3,000 calories per day (you do burn calories by being alive btw). By having these goals I kept myself in check because I wanted to succeed and beat my previous days goals.

2 – Food

Next, there is the food aspect, you have to be 100% committed to making slight changes in your eating habits. Before I go on, I’m not saying remove all “bad” foods from your diet, just don’t make them a recurring habit. For example, I eat cake, ice cream, pizza, burgers but it’s very rare. Instead I eat fruits, chickens, salmon, steak, nuts, eggs, oatmeal and if I need something sweet I’ll get a StarBucks Non-Fat Skinny Vanilla Latte for 120 calories or I’ll eat sweets but in a very limited quantity.

An interesting fact is I eat at least two of meals out because of my job, sometimes three meals. It’s all about making the right choices and here are a few ideas to help you make different decisions.

If you find yourself at a sit-down restaurant get a chicken, steak or salmon meal without sauces and glazes and ask them to grill/broil/sauté it with non-fat cooking oil or light oil. I always ask for no butter and I skip the bread, fries, rice and I generally get a second portion of steamed vegetables again without butter. Instead of an appetizer I get a side salad without cheese, bacon or croutons and dressing on the side (dip the lettuce in it instead of pouring it on the salad) and it’ll shave calories.

3 – Exercise

I put this as the third step in the get fit journey. Why? Because you can succeed with motivation and food (diet) but I highly suggest doing some sort of workout routine. In My Journey I talk about how I utilized the Les Mills Pump, P90X programs along with running to achieve my personal goals. For those just starting out I suggest purchasing the Les Mills Pump program, it’s a great program for people looking to start their journey and it has all the tools required. The program comes with the DVD’s, Weights and Program guides to get you started. During the course of the 90 day program you will see a transformation as long as you stick to it and keep up the motivation and continue to maintain your diet.

If you choose to take an alternative exercise path, thats fine too. Just get up and move around, go grab that Fitbit I mentioned earlier and set some achievable goals.