Pittsburgh 2013 Tough Mudder

On August 24th, 2013 I did my first Tough Mudder and now I’m addicted! I’ve signed up for the November 2013 Tough Mudder in Flordia 🙂

2013-08-24 16.39.16

The perception of how hard the obstacles are had me a little nervous. However, while the obstacles were a challange I was able to complete them all. Hoorah! Below are some tips for first time mudders:

1) Get yourself a pair of these Solomon SpeedCross 3 shoes they will make your life much easier in the mud.

2) I do not suggest using gloves, I tried a pair of Mad Grip gloves and tossed them to the side on the second obstacle. However, a few of my team did use gloves and loved them.

3) We took the 11:30am slot, I would go as early as possible it will make things easier less mud and water on the obstacles. (think less slipping)

4)Make sure you can run 6 miles, I wouldn’t say this is a requirement as you run/walk/run/walk but it helps with endurance.

5) Make sure to wear compression shorts and a dry fit shirt. Cotton will be your enemey because you will be wet, dry, wet, dry etc.

6) Train your upper body, I can’t stress this enough.