Les Mills Body Pump Results

In March 2013 I began looking for an exercise plan that provided me with structure, detailed diet plan (incase I wanted to follow it) and the necessary equipment to aid me in my weight loss journey. After an exhaustive search, I finally settled on the Les Mills Pump workout.

I selected the Les Mills Pump program because it let me go at my own pace, provided a schedule to keep me accountable and I could easily modify if the routine was something I wasn’t yet physically ready to handle, for me this was the ab/core workouts. Additionally, I supplemented running 2 or 4 miles on the cardio days and you could easily adjust this based on your specific requirements.

My Les Mills Pump results were nothing short of amazing, I used the program from March 2013 through May 2013. During the 90 days I kept on my strict 2000 calorie per day diet and I was able to achieve amazing results. The Les Mills Pump program played a HUGE role in getting my body’s core strong enough so I could tackle P90X.