Focus T25, Running, Nutrition

I’ve recently been able to catch up on posting my Focus T25 videos and they are now available in my Youtube Channel.

My diet over the past couple weeks hasn’t been the greatest but I’m managing to try to keep it under control. I’m thinking about trying something new for March and will attempt to try eating Paleo to see how well it goes. Unfortunately, this means giving up the protein bars and oatmeal that I love. However, I feel like I need to try something new and give myself a new challenge to keep things interesting.

I also went to a Running Clinic last week and found out some rather interesting things. The clinic measured all aspects of my running, nutrition, mobility and food pressure. The end result I needed to add more carbs to my diet, focus on core strength and my runners knee is compounded by lack of strength in my hips and my shoes. I’ve been running in Saucony Mirage 3’s and after reviewing my running on video with the team at the running clinic I need to get a pair of shoes that will help stabilize and correct my pronation, more to come.

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