Getting fit in 2013 with Fitbit and Les Mills Pump

I decided to make change this year and get fit. My job has me driving 4-5 hours per day and I found myself eating basically junk, fast food, burgers, salads (which btw, are not necessarily good for you). On January, 24th I purchased a FitBit One as a way to get myself motived because it tracks my activity, steps, floors and all I need todo is record my food. I dropped my calorie intake from 4000-6000 per day down to 1600-2000, cut out all sugar drinks and I dropped 15lbs within the first 30 days.

The next logical step was to tackle the exercise piece of this get fit challenge, so I purchased the Les Mills Pump DVD’s. I don’t follow their diet plan, but I do follow their workout 90 day workout routines.

As of now I’m 3 weeks into the Pump workout, 60 days into the weightless and I’m down 32lbs.