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Ubuntuforums: In a month..
1 min read

Ubuntuforums: In a month..

The ubuntuforums have grown to be one of the largest linux forums on the internet today with over 970,000 users. I thought it might be interesting to show some other statistics that were generated between 11/15/2009 and 12/15/2009.

Compare these to the numbers I posted in March 2007.

10,901,893 Visits
24,291,004 Pageviews
46.18% % New Visits
6,138,414 Absolute Unique Visitors
Returning Visitor 53.77%
New Visitor 46.23%

Firefox 69.97%
Internet Explorer 10.61%
Chrome 8.33%
Opera 3.80%
Safari 3.09%

Linux 58.11%
Windows 36.44%
Macintosh 4.70%