Ulnar Nerve Transposition Surgery

I figured I would take a minute and update my status after 3 months. My elbow is still very tender and hurts when touched in certain ways, like if its bumped or I set it down on a table. My arm is still very stiff and the elbow is numb as well, its a odd feeling and the tingling in my pinky and ring finger still persists.

I go back to the doctor next week and we’ll see what he says, my nerve was pretty damaged and when I visited a month ago he said I would most likely still see improvement 2-5 years down the road. All-in-All I am not sure the surgery was really a total success the aching has gone away but the numbness hasn’t and that’s the part I am having trouble getting used too.

I’ll try to keep up on my updates on a more regular basis since people seem to be interested in sharing their experiences on my previous post. 🙂