Travel, Food and Weight Loss

I spent the majority of last week in Buffalo and Rochester, NY with my team which meant I was eating three meals a day “out”. I managed to keep my meals pretty standard and the patience was worth the wait. I managed to drop 3 pounds and drop by body fat by 1.5% as well, I’m not at 192.5 pounds and 19% body fat.


When I’m on the road my breakfast consists of Oatmeal & eggwhites from The Bistro, I try to stay at Courtyards because they are consistent.


Lunch consisted of Grilled Chicken Breasts with a steamed vegetable. If the restaurant doesn’t have grilled chicken on the menu I’ll request it, Salmon or Steak is my fallback.


Much like lunch my dinner consisted of either Chicken or Steak, side salad with no croutons, cheese or bacon, ranch on the side and a steamed vegetable.


I eat Rise Bars either Honey Almond or Carob Chocolate.

In addition to keeping my food under control and maintaining around 2000-2100 calories a day I ran out of my GNC Multi-vitamin and decided to take a different route for the next 45 days. I’ll post on that change soon..