p90X Results

p90x results – 90 days

My p90X results and story

In march 2013 I kicked off my fitness workouts with Les Mills Pump and I’m convinced that built the foundation for me to achieve great p90X results during the 90 days. The reason I choose p90X was to help me continue building strength and help increase the muscle tone. Prior to completing Les Mills Pump I spent about 3 years doing NOTHING and my muscle was deteriorated. So, I decided to go for the original p90X program despite the fact that p90X2 had already been released. This gave me the option todo p90X2 and p90x3 during 2014.

I started p90X in June 2013 and finished in September 2013 and the p90x results were nothing short of amazing. During my 90 days with p90X I lost 26lbs and 3% body fat, I highly suggest the program for those who wish to build muscle and tone.