Ulnar Nerve Transposition Surgery

On 3/17/08 I had surgery to correct a pinched nerve in my elbow. The pinched nerve was causing the pinky and ring fingers to be numb and tingle, also serve arm aching. Hopefully this surgery will correct the issue, however the pain right now is horrible. The nerve was relocated to forearm under the muscle. Here are some pictures of my arm taken 4 days after surgery.

picture 2
Picture of the incision.

picture 1


12/15/2011 – Update #4 –¬†http://moxiefoxtrot.com/2011/12/15/ulnar-nerve-transposition-surgery-update-4/


    • Karen says

      On the 23rd of Sept,I had my right elbow operated on because of a pinched nerve,also I had carpal tunnel release surgery on my right hand.
      I had to wear a cast until the 4th of Oct.
      They took the stitches and staples out the same day

      I am doing very well.

      My pinkie and ring finger are no longer numb.

      I have a little pain yet,but that’s to be expected.

      I just have to try to not over do it.

      It’s more tender than anything.

      In May,I had my left hand done and it’s doing great.

      The strength is coming back.

      I hope this help.

      Just remember,everyone is different.

    • says

      I had it done on the same elbow and wrist, twice, my advice just let them release the nerve do not have them transport it, I lost over 40% of my muscle, and still in horrific pain, good luck

      • JANINE CARR says

        Hi Danny
        I did not have alot of information about ulnar nerve.I did not know about releasing the nerve.I will check that out.My ulnar nerveve after a year still not repaired to make fingers and hand feel rather than knumb.Thank you .

        • Janine Carr says

          Complex Regional pain Syndrome has set in to my left arm,hand and fingers.my ulnar nerve was damaged when I fell on elbow.Crushed elbow damage both sides of the elbow were broken off.verved damaged at that time.
          It has been 2 1/2 years nerve will not heal now.Trying for disability pension for 2 years but still dealing with pain and depression.Pain 24/7 it takes a toll on my family and friends.I try anything a dr recommends if I can lose my pain.Not doing that anymore I could go broke, there is no solution for complex regional pain syndrome. Good luck on recover and hope for new ulnar nerve repair.

          • Nin77ca says

            My name is Janine Carr It has been 3 years since I crushed my elbow.I have had 2 surgeries nerve damage is so painful but half of hand is numb.Specialist gave me exercise to do to get my wrist bending.Now I pressed to hard on wrist because it is numb and do not know limitations.Pushing to hard has caused index finger to stop flexing and new pain shooting into top of elbow.Since half of hand is numb I am going to stop putting pressed on a painful CRPS arm?I am saying no to exercising left hand I will keep trying to use left arm as much as possible.Wish doctors could understand CRPS.I have stopped most medicine so my mind is clearer.Winter is coming so I have been wearing left winter glove already.Only way to tell when it is cold is touching with right hand. Oh well now still trying to wear wedding ring but half of second finger is numb and ring falls off I do not feel them falling off.Trying to invent a two finger ring because third finger has feeling I will know if rings are to lose.Good Luck

      • Shari says

        Hi, In June of 2012,had Carpal Tunnel surgery done for the second time on my right hand. Just had an Emg done again, now it shows my ulnar nerve is dislocated, dead nerves in my forarm and carpal tunnel has returned. So now scheduled for ulnar surgery, in 1 week, but waiting to fix the other problems until later, don’t know why he doesn’t do it all at once. Anyway having serious doubts about having this surgery!!! I’m afraid that my arm will be worse and I won’t be able to do my job, even though at this point I’m having problems doing that now. I’m starting to get afraid of having this surgery done. :(

      • says

        I need to have a surgery on a pinched nerve in my elbow.
        What is the cost of this surgery?
        I need a range at least depending on what the doctor does.


        P.S. Good luck to all of you

      • Oli says

        Hi, I had an ulnar transposition surgery about 3 months ago now maybe 4. I can now completely straighten my arm but the feeling has never come back ….. I can barely squeeze a bottle of tooth paste or turn a key in a lock!!! If there are any alternatives DO THEM FIRST!!

    • b says

      I hav same procedure done in 1994 on right arm. Ulner nerve was moved to forearm. Continued weakness, pain in elbow & pinky and numbness where 6-7 inch scar is located.

      • Ann Dwyer says

        I had this surgery – ulnar nerve transposition- done on my right arm in December 2013 its now April 2014 I have not had one day without horrible pain – burning sensation complete numbness down the side of my right arm and what I can only describe as electric shocks which make my arm jump – I am right handed and can no longer work I was an IT Administrator – It has been 4 months If I could turn back time I would never have had the surgery I am terrified to have anything else done I previously had carpel release on my right hand in 2010 but the problem came back, I now have a huge scar which is ultra sensitive and cannot use my right hand to lift anything heavier than a 500ml bottle of water, my right arm is always cold although I dont feel this – I am still waiting to see the surgeon and dont have an appointment until the end of May. I had this surgery to prolong my work life and it seems I made a huge mistake as it seems to have caused many more problems work is impossible for the moment and I need to seek out a new career after 20 years I would advise anyone to seek alternative solutions before having this surgery !

        • steven says

          hi ann I had my ulnar nerve moved in 2008 was having wicked pain and strong tingling running down my arm, after surgery everything was perfect until june 2014 came back so Im not sure what my options are, but I cant stand that feeling

  1. says

    I had surgery to my elbow because I had a pinched nerve which was causing severe pain. One week after the surgery the elbow is still numb and tingling. I really don`t have the strength I used to. I`m wondering if this surgery was the right thing to do because it`s still painful… Any advice.

    • Kim Gammill says

      I had the same surgery on 10/25/10 and I still have numbness in my pinky finger and almost no strength. I work for the orthopedic surgeon that performed and he said to expect about 4 weeks for “normal” to start coming back. Hope this helps. Also, will be a little better when stitches (if applicable) come out.

      • Elaine says

        Well hon I have had the 1st surgery in 2009 & didn’t have much relief. Had to have the transposition surgery done in June of this year. Still trying to get back to full duty. Not easy to deal with tho. Have done Pain Management! Kind of a guessing game!

  2. Steve says

    It`s been about two 1/2 weeks since my surgery and still having a lot of pain. The doctor released me back to work today but can`t really do any lifting or pulling so my company is sending me back home today until the doctor re-recommends me to come back.

  3. Cara says

    I had ulnar nerve decompression. My pinky, ring finger, side of hand and up arm are 100% numb (whereas they weren’t before) still many hours (9) after surgery and the swelling is even worse though I think that’s to be expected. I will see what numbness is like in morn but I am slightly worried. Is this numbing noormal?

  4. Kath says

    I think people need to distinquish when they post whether they have had submuscular ulnar nerve transposition, anterior submuscular transposition, medial epicondylectomy, or just decompression. The recovery time between all of these are significantly different, with submusucular ulnar nerve transposition being the longer one to recover from. Unfortunately, some read sites and see others have recovered and wonder why they are not, when in fact the reason could be because they have had a more extensive type of surgery.

    • says

      I had complete ulnar nerve transposition about seven months ago. I went a year with it pinched, first six months before surgery numb, and tingly through forearm, and hand,then back of tricept started twitching second six months ontop of numbnesss,thenn after year finaly had surgery, its been seven months since surgery, no more twitching of tricept since surgery, and forearm not numb, but bottom of hand still numby,and inside elbow gets sore when use. My company, and l.n.I. put me on hold for a complete year before surgery. This sucks.

  5. Darryl says

    Kathy is right. The type of surgery determines the recovery time. I had decompression and the pain was minimal and short. However, it didn’t work, and now I have to go back for anterior itramuscular transposition. The doctor warned me that the recovery time. Was a lot longer and the pain/physical therapy would be much longer. YOU MUST go to therapy. Especially if it’s a transposition. If you don’t, you will end up getting nerve entrapment and the doctor will disown you because you didn’t follow orders. This will suck, because if you aren’t seeking active treatment through their orders, they won’t be able to offer you adequate pain management during recovery.

  6. Ryan says

    I am getting my ulnar nerve transposed on the July 19th, 2011. I had trauma to the region and was told that I severed my UCL that held the nerve in the cubital tunnel. Ill let you guys know how it goes!

      • says

        The surgery went pretty good. I was swollen for awhile and the area is still tender 4 years later and I still get the achy and tingling feeling ever once in awhile. If I had to do it again I would research the doctors a little bit better.

        • barb says

          had the ulnar nerve transpotion surgery. also a-1 pulley release (thumb) right arm,
          both procedures at same time.It has been about 3 months.Thumb is wonderful I remoend it to evey one ! When that pulley is locked up it is extremely painful.My baby finger and 1/2 of my ring finger tingly numb, kind of annoying, doc said lets to the surgery, omg worse thing I have ever done…….
          it is so elbow is so chroniccally painful, i cant wear long sleevs , jacket or sweater,tingling and numbness still there not worse not better , but my elbow is HORRIBLE!!!! Never had a real range of motion problems …..but th epain is chronic and almost enbearable….lot of rgret..will it get better?

  7. Jill says

    I had ulnar relocation surgery on July 18th 2011. The first 2 days after the surgery my hand and fingers were numb, but after the 3rd day i was able to move and spread my fingers no problem. I’ve been excercising my fingers and hand (making a fist and stretching and spreading fingers as much as i can and using my hand and arm when something isn’t too heavy. As of now it’s been 8 days since my surgery and I think I’m recovering pretty well. I’m not in too much pain and can keep up with my 3 yr old son. I still have my stitches in and bandages on my arm so I can’t do everything myself but I’m getting there. I hope everyone is doing well, best of luck!

  8. Carrie says

    I had my surgery almost 4 years ago and have regretted it to this day. The numbness in the pinkie and ring finger still is there but not as bad, but I still have no feeling in most of my arm, and the bone where they cut away..that area is so hyper sensitive that it hurts just to put my elbow on anything. It does not help the doctor did not tack down my nerve, so now it *floats* around is the best description I can say. I was told the lack of feeling would correct itself…1 cm a month, but it seems to have been more numbness each month. The only good thing out of this whole thing is I can kind of use my hand now…as long as my elbow is never touched…anyone else have the same issues?

    • Ashley says

      I had ulnar nerve surgery 5 1/2 months ago and at first the feeling in my hand started to return but now it is completely numb again!!!!! My elbow is also totally sensative. I hit it the other day and it sent me to the ground in tears. I have contacted my Dr. but of course he is out of town until Friday. I am not sure what is going to happen but if I hear that it may take a year to fully recover again I am going to scream. It should be getting better not worse.

    • Kath says

      What sort of surgery was that? Was it submuscular transposition? If you had the bone, epicondyl removed, that is a different type of surgery.

    • Lee says

      Hi Carrie,
      I had my ulnar nerve transposition surgery a year ago. And my pain is worse now than before I had my surgery. I get tingling in all four fingers except my thumb. I get a burning sensation on the elbow area. My fingers go completely stiff when I’m trying to clean my house. I struggle to sleep all the time. If someone knocks my elbow, I’m in agony! I don’t go to crowded places, cos Im too scared someone will knock me. The dull pain I get while driving or trying to do everything things are the worse. I’ve lost a lot of enjoyment of my life, and it’s frustrates me that my surgeon told me I will be back to full duties six weeks after my surgery. Well it took 9 weeks to straighten my arm with the help of a physio and hydro therapy. But I have been left with very weak arms, and constant pain and pins & needles. And now because I have had to rely on my left arm for everything, i am suffering with the same pain with that now. Thanks for your story, it has really helped me.

    • barb says

      OMG…..I am 3 months in and my elbow is the same way…NOTHING can touch the elbow , butt if my forearm touhes anything hard , smooth soft dosen’t matter it radiates to my elboow intesidiing the already pain ful elbow


    • barb says

      I regret having the surgery,I could have lived with the numbness and tingling in pinky and finger. The incision still extremely painful, Its been 4 months……I know this sounds straange but i put vagisil on the incision , it really helps that burning nerve pain,\the vagisil numbs it

  9. Kath says

    It has been a while since I have posted, but after a failed bilateral ulnar nerve transposition in 2008, in 2010 I had one of my arms redone. However, this has again failed and am desperate for the doctor to again give it one more shot. The surgeon who performed the surgery second time around was a different doctor, but I know she is the best, and know my only chance is with her being willing to take the risk. Has anyone else had their surgery redone 3 times, and if so, was there any improvement, success, etc. I cannot stay the one I am currently, but am worried she will refuse outright to do the surgery again. A life stuck the one I am at present is unthinkable. If she can fix this arm, then we have to move onto the other arm which also is a mess.

  10. says

    hi, my name is kaitlynn im 15 and have to have this surgrey b/c i broke my elbo in a wreek and i was just wanting to know is it as bad as it seems, does it hurt after its over , do you have to stay over night, do you get a cast or a splint anything you can tell me would be great. thank you for your time

    • Kim says

      I’m having my surgery this Friday. The Dr. told me NOTHING, but the nurse said that I would be in a splint from my armpit to my fingers for a week and then start physical therapy. She said it would be about a month before I had full motion in my elbow. My surgery is outpatient, so I don’t have to stay overnight. I’m pretty sure its going to hurt, because they cut the muscle. I recommend googling to find out everything you can. Good luck!

      • denise worrall says

        Kaitlynn.. Good luck with your surgery. I am waiting for mine in Feb. Just becareful when you google that you don’t believe everything you read ok. Sometimes that can make you more anxious.

    • Jess says

      My ortho dr wants me to have the surgery to tuck the nerve under my muscle. He told me that I would have a cast on for 6 weeks then PT. Unfortunately its my right hand..

      good luck!

  11. Kim says

    I’m having surgery on Friday. I have severe muscle wasting and loss of strength. I’m really nervous, because everything I’ve read on the internet says I need at least a week to recover, but when I asked the dr. he said I could go back to work the next day. any thoughts on how long to be out of work?

    • Kath says

      Possibly because you are not having a “submuscular” transposition. People need to distinquish between the different type of elbow surgeries as they are all significantly different with significantly different recovery time.

  12. Ash says

    Hi all I’ve just had my op on Thursday 6th which is now my fifth operation (3rd one on this arm) but never felt so numb in my life. It’s a weird feeling seeing your pinky finger moving but not knowing your doing it. I just hope this numbness starts to disappear shortly. My surgeon has said though that from previous ops my nerve has gone flat now from the scar tissue. Both of my arms now are cut just passed my elbow and most way down my forearm. Will try an keep you updated how this numbness goes.

  13. Dianne says

    I just had unlar nerve transposition surgery 6 days ago. I still have the same tight feeling in my 4th and 5th fingers as I did before. I don’t know how long this is supposed to last. I have not seen the doctor since before the surgery. I hope the numbness is only temporary. The morning of the surgery, the doctor walked in the room, said “good morning,” marked my arm and that was it. No time to ask questions or anything. Nothing after the surgery either. I know he is a good doctor but seems to be a man of few words.

    • Jo Ann Dressler says

      hi I had carpal tunnel surgery and a ulnar nerve transposition surgery in January 2011.. I have been in sooo much pain.. Due to the fact I have RSD that has spread to my Shoulder now, and my two fingers and arm. Wishing I could have a anwers for everyone out There but I don’t. For 8 months its been so very hard for me. Just can’t do anything been off of work for over 1 years. My left surgery was great. I still hurt at time by not like my right hand /arm/ shoulder… Help :(

  14. Ash says

    I know-how you feel. My 4th an 5th fingers 5days on are still like rubber sausages haha. I wouldn’t even know if I broke my little finger or not.

  15. me says

    Anyone had submuscular ulnar nerve trans and after three years started having numbness,tingling,and the ring finger locking up.

    • Jarmila Danenberg says

      Yes, darlin’ I had that surgery seven years ago. I was told I would get better each year. Sorry to say the pain has gotten worse, especially when I get a terrible burning along with numbness and the other. I had the surgery on both arms. As Iam reading, everyone’s experience is different, I had it when I was 74. Sorry for those younsters. My life has changed alot. Can’t paint or play the organ. I quess the best I can say is trust the Lord to get you through each day. I have a wonderful husband and friends pray for me. I hope you all get the help you need whatever it is. Jarmila By the way I have been prescribed Lyrica. It helps.

  16. says

    i have an appointment scheduled on nov 22, 2011 with my ortho. i have left ulnar nerve entrapment. i cannot even type correctly due to the pain, nunmbness and tingling in my left hand. i have others replys, now i am really scared. what should i do?

  17. Robin says

    I had my ulnar nerve relocated at the elbow July 2011. I got it jammed in an auto accident in April. May 21 I got hit with MASSIVE left arm pain. Prior to that date, nothing. I have dealt with that pain since and up to the surgery, and unfortunately I still have severe pain, altho not quite as often. Dr. didn’t order PT but I am wondering if he is right? Something has to help this pain. I don’t take the meds, and Im scared of Pain Management. I feel I will never be the same again. Thanks for the ‘vent’.

    • Jarmila Danenberg says

      Robin if there is no other way for you to be helped ask your doctor about Lyica.

      My problem was caused by an auto accident as well. Had the surgery on both arms at the elbow. Wish I had known about just releasing the nerve and no transpositioin. I am 81 so I struggle with the daily pain. The Lord gets me through. Take care, Jarmila

  18. Laureen says

    I had my EMG, the neuro said that the compression can’t get any worse. I have some complications and sooo many fears and need some imput, pleaseee!!I am in my early 60’s have COPD and asthma, making me a very high risk for surgery.I have been dealing with this ulnar nerve pain for over 3 years. I was on the OR schedule about a year ago and got a lung infection the day before surgery, needless to say it was cancelled. I have a huge problem/ concern and looked all over the internet for answers, but nothing. My compression is the right side, the arm I use for ‘everything’. On my left side I have no ‘reach’ to bathroom myself, and do my own personal care, to make matters sooo much worse, I also suffer from IBS and use the restroom about 5-6 times a day!! I have a lot of back and hip problems, everything on the left side is shorter, but not that you could see> there is NO way I can do the bathroom thing or hygeine myself, it just wont happen…what to do?? Also, if someone has a plate, or a partiel and it is tight, u need 2 hands to remove it, how do you even care for your teeth?? My most serious concern is the bathroom thing…if u have no use of one arm, and surgery on the other…how do I do ”personal things”??? Did anyone have a nurse or a home health care worked after their surgery? One more thing I have a low pain tollerance , with all my severe pain issues I am on a high dose of pain med 24/7, there isnt a whole lot more I can take for pain…some pain pills now and then, but too much will not work with my lungs…Please give me some help here…I am loosing it worrying and stressing over these issues and noone to ask…the Dr. doesnt say too much except for ‘no, u wont be able to do it”. well, duh, i KNOW that! I can’t really say I have numbness from the ulnar nerve, but I do have pain, and strange sensations on the side of my hand, and sometimes under my arm to the armpit. Am soo tired of this pain all the time. Will it get b better or worse with the surgery? I had carpel tunnel releaser 3 mos. ago, I can use my hand fine, but have a bit of discomfort due to so much scar tissue and have to get cortisone injections in nthe hand. Have also tried about 6 different times the same injections in the elbow…My hubby will be able to get off work for a few days after the surgery, but he won’t be doing the bathroom thing for me, and a nursing home is OUT of the question Can u help me pleaese with ur words of wisdom?? For those of u that are out of ur splints and can’t straighten ur arm, how do u go to the bathroom? Not a nice question, but I really need some help here!!Thank you

  19. says

    Laureen, feel your pain, I’m 42, just had multipal surgerys, partial knee,after four surgerys on that knee,broke my carpal bone in wrist,left knee surgery,and evan subdurral hemotoma,brain surgery,long time ago,,,but seven months ago had ular nerve nerve transposition surgery,out of all my injuries, my elbow gave most trouble, mainly becauase the time that went by,before surgery, although, I’m much, much better from surgery,still have some issuies,I believe because how long I waited before having surgery, I believeve the longer you wait, longer recovery time,all and all I recomend surgery, I wish I had some nurse come help, its hard when you live alone, I will send my blessings to you,and all who has this ular nerve problem. david.

    • Laureen says

      David, Did you take care of your own needs after ur surgery? Thats where I have my biggest prob…I physically cant’ do the personal care part. I have a bad neck, hip and back, the left side, also the side i have to depend on, just doesnt work like it should and doesn’t bend like it is supposed to, right up to the knuckels on my hand!! and the right side is the one getting done…i got a call today with all my pre surg. appts, so now the butterflies in the tummy have really started…i am a very high risk, as I have COPD, and asthma…nothing i am looking for except to have the elbow pain gone…but am soo a afraid i might be jumping from the frying pan to the fire after all i am reading…even my doc says i know too much, and i am supposed to stop reading! but i cant, i dont want any surprises along the way, but i also know thats somethign we cant plan on…drs are humans, just like me..and that is some scarey stuff!! does anyone please have any suggestions on personal care/ hygene? i am also reading a lot where pts. were in the hosp over night for pain control. i have a VERY low tollerance for pain, i am on some of the strongest pain meds out there 24/7 and can’t take much more because of the lungs… i am coming home with vicoden, and am already takign that!! one more thing to add to the mix, i have very bad bursitis in my left hip, i can only lay on that side for a few minutes and my back being so bad, i can’t lay that way either….sooooo is a person able to sleep/ lay rest/ on the side where they have the transposition?? Please, help me with some answers…

      • says

        Laureen, david here, when I say I feel your pain I feel your pain. I’m scheduled to get srew, and two bones from my right wrist on jan 16, or 18, whenever that Monday is, and I’m still recoverinig from ulnar nerve surgery, trust me I know about bathroom thing, trying to scoot on carpet like my dog. Just keep praying there someting better after this. Amen.

  20. Laureen says

    I’m soooo sorry David. I hope to know how you do in your surgery, although not the ulnar at ‘this’ time. Amazing how many things a persons body can go through and the struggles that follow. May I ask, do you have any help? If not, ur doc might be able to get you nurse to come in a few hrs. a day to help. Just got all my pre-op appts, and will have my time today. My surgery is also on Mon. the 19th. I’ll be sending prayers and posative thoughts your way. God bless and may this be as little pain as possible for you. How was ur pain controlled after the ulnar surgery? compassionate hugs coming ur way…(((David))

    • says

      Laureen, ulnar nerve surgery not to bad, I was in a sling for few days,it was more of a burny feeling,super sensetive, but only burn for a week,oxycodone helped for first few days, my intrapment was about three and a half inches, I noticed the big differenc in arm numbness immeditly folling surgery,I was so excited my arm didn’t have that strong surge of numbness, the pain didn’t get to me that bad,, you’ll be fine, still no regrets I had the surgery, and no nurse,, I just have to wing it I live in the cascades about sixty miles from city, they probably won’t come that far.

  21. Laureen says

    Thank you for the info David. I read sooo much, and what I read about the pain was that it was nearly untollerable, and that scared me…I don’t have numbness, just pain, but that’s enough. been dealing with this for a few years. So wish it was behind me. Looks like we are both having our surgeries the same day…Please come back when u can and let me know how you are doing…U are already in my thoughts and prayers…Wishing you the very best results. If I wouldnt already be on a pain patch I wouldn’t be as concerned about the pain, but they can’t go up much higher and still keep the lungs functioning…I guess at this point what will be.. will be. This is my 3rd. surgery this year…

  22. Laureen says

    David, I appreciate your encouragment. Things aren’t going all that good right now, and I hope they improve before surgery Had my pre- ops done 2 days ago, thery found my B/P is sky high, and so is my sugar . They will do labs right befoe my surgery on Monday, nothing is a ‘go’ til the labs come back…This is it… it is now or never, this has been way too stressful for me. Found out yeaterday from the anesteologist that he is also doing a nerve block , through my neck, while wide awake…. he explained how it is done. :((( … not liking all these things I am heraring…just wish it was over with…and I ‘hope’ I can handle it. Not really many choices if I can’t. :-(( One thing after another, it gets very over whelming…but you have also been through the mill, Isn’t time for a break??? Oh, they will send in a PT here zt my home, and if they think I need a nurse to help me with my personal needs, it will be ordered right away. so that’s a good thing, I guess. Of course the surgeon is leaving right away til the New Year for his holidays, so no other Dr. there knows me or how I react to things….on and on and on….Thank you and again, I wish you nothign but the best on Monday. God bless you and your surgeon…Please let us know how it goes.

  23. says

    I just had left anteior ulnar nerve tanspostion surgry last Thurs 12/15/11. Doing wonderful, hardly any pain at all or swelling, kept ice on 20 mins on 30 mins off first 24 hrs. No splint, sling or cast. I am 70 yrs. old and injured my nerve as a child. Feeling in ring finger already returning. Am delghted with my surgery so far. 4 inch incision looks good, took bandage off day after surgery per Dr. orders. Was instructed to bend elbow very slowly several times a day and to open and close fingers several times a day. NO DANGLING OF THE HAND!!! I have followed my Dr. instructions completly and am doing wonderful. Hope this will encourage someone that has no choice but surgery as was my case. Stay postive, it helps. Just plan on taking a little break from lifting or pulling on things for a little while, we all need a little break anyway every now and then. And remember to smile, it will make you feel better!!!!

  24. Bob says

    I am sitting here at 1.47am in Australia after having Ulna nerve/Carpal Tunnel surgery done about 7 days ago reading all the posts now wishing like christ I did not have the ulna nerve done as the the discomfort it has caused is a pain in the arse so to speak. Anyway I just hope it gets better. I am just waiting for the pain killers to kick in.

  25. Laureen says

    surgery 3 days ago living in hell..onr trip to the er..vomiting..terrible pain,yet the whole are is numb. more when i beel better

  26. Angelo says

    Hello all, I am wondering if anyone has had my symptoms. I do not have any pain, however I have weakness in my right forearm, hand, and fingers. It all started about 2 months ago when I noticed I was having a small problem writing. It started getting worse, so I went to a neurologist. He sent me for an MRI of the cervical spine last week. I had an EMG test yesterday.(he told me off the record it looks like ulnar nerve damage at my elbow.) I am now scheduled for a CT scan of my neck tomorrow. I was told to call my doctor on friday to see what the problem is, and what options I have. I have wasting musle between my thumb, and index finger. At this point I have hardly any finger dexterity, and very little stength in my forearm. I cannot write, and it is a task to use a spoon, or fork correctly. I am 56 yrs. old, and right handed, and like to work with my hands. This whole thing has got me stressed out. What puzzles everyone is that it came on so fast, and gets worse each day. I have read these posts, and the surgery part seems a bit scary. If anyone is interested, I’ll report what my doctor has to say, and keep you posted. Thanks

    • Nadine says

      Hello all…. i am 4 weeks into recovery for ulnar nerve transposition, carpal tunnel and dequarvain release at the same time!! I am in such pain, my elbow aches and stings. My palm stings, and my ring/pinky fingers are still numb. I can’t sleep and the numb/ache is painful in my upper arm as well. This has been going on for 2 years, i just want it to stop! ANY SUGGESTIONS?

    • Lilly says

      Angelo, when I first presented with symptoms like yours, the doctors kept checking my thyroid, so maybe if the neurologist does not get anywhere, maybe they might try an endocrinologist. I think that I went through 5 doctors before I recieved a diagnosis finally. I am waiting for my appoitment with my next doctor now, an Orthopedic Sureon is next. Good luck, I hope you get better.

    • Kristi says

      I had the same issue. I’ve never had pain in my elbow. I noticed that I had problems bringing in my pinky on my own and it would not stay, no matter how hard I tried. First I had the surgery in 2005 – submuscular. Within 1 year, my body formed extreme scar tissue and did even more damage. I lost all muscle in the webbing between my thumb and index fingers and lost all muscles in my palm. Also lost all function of my ring finger and started atrophy in the other 2 fingers. I ended up going in for a second surgery in 2007, moving it from under the muscle to subcutaneous. Made no difference. Still continues to atrophy. Last 2 fingers are completely clawed, cold to the touch and unresponsive. Cannot type for more than a few minutes at a time before my 2 fingers are so tired, they no longer respond.
      I’ve done all desk work for the past 12 years and I’m afraid that I have developed this chronic nerve damage that will also eventually affect my right hand. I don’t mean to scare you, and this is ONLY MY EXPERIENCE. I went to renowed hand surgeons, so I’m not concerned that the surgeries were done in error or poorly. I assume at this point that I will only continue to deteriorate.
      I’m going to get another nerve conduction test on my right and left arms to see if there is any more atrophy of the nerves. Fingers crossed!

  27. says

    I crushed left elbow November 11 2010. surgery was December 2010.We could not find doctor in my area to re attach my elbow.The bones were snapped off.Dr Athwall in London Ontario did the surgery.The pain and numb fingers started when I fell.Second surgery April 2011 the ulnar nerve was moved.Unbelievable pain between the healing of the 2 surgery areas and the Complex Regional Pain Syndrome that has set into my left arm and hand.I never thought surgery and healling would take so long.It has been 19 months and Dr Athwall has released me because there is nothing else as a surgeon he can do.The ulnar nerve moght never regenerate.I wear splints on three fingers because finger joins are locking and inverting. I thopught I was crazy how can half of my arm and hand be numb but hurt so much.I thought I was crazy but my husband said he understands.Now I am meducally depressed because I can not do much since arm is weak and hand does work very well.1 year of theropy and pain groups ,hypnosis I will try anything to help recovery and be normal.This site is great and I do not feel crazy.Now need to heal but it is still going to be a while. I will keep watching incase there is something else that could help me.

  28. says

    I am having left ulner nerve transposition on july 19th, this will be the 4th surgery on my left elbow and the 12th between both arms and hands. I was wondering if anyone can tell me if the numbness and pain got worse after the surgery? and the doctor I have is not a nuerosugeron, does that make a difference? I do not want any more surgery after this! if anyone can help I’d gladly appreciate it.

    • Janine Carr says

      I had elbow surgery and my ulnar nerve was moved because 2small fingers and half of left ha d were numb.the pain did not go away.It has been almost 3 years and pain is the same fingers are still numb and the nerves are not going to get any better.

  29. says

    had unler op 3 years ago still in alot of pain had eng but showed no entrapment doc has avise another op had got week muscles and nerev i leg any ideals

  30. Lilly says

    I have these pinched nerve in both sides, one has alot more severe of damage to my muscle mass, and the other side trailing behind it. Will I regain my muscles again, I lost alot of range of motion on my left side and additionally my hand is deformed in some spots and my right side is starting to feel as bad as the left, but I am still able to use it pretty well. Will they do the surguries at the same time, or will the doctors decide to wait until I lose range of motion on the least affected side? I am waiting for the referral to go through and getting pretty anxious because I have been seeking medical help for over a year, and after they exhausted the auto immune causes, the new doctor found this.

  31. Sandra says

    1st off … Muscular translocation isn’t needed and isn’t done by any of the BEST upper extremity orthopedist’s in the country. It’s EXTREAMLY rare that the nerve isn’t better with a sub dermal translocation. 2nd.. your arm after a sub dermal translocation needs to be in an IMMOVABLE 45 degree angle for no less than 10 days. A submuscular translocation arm needs to be in an IMMOVABLE 90 degree position for at least 21 days. Pictures just days after the surgery of a ‘free’ arm are incredible and it would be SHOCKING if it even came close to healing correctly. This is a NERVE that has a new path- does it not make logical sense that the new path needs to heal so the nerve works correctly within it??? 3rd… all surgeons worth anything will release the nerve, check the release by bending the arm of the patient to see if a simple release works and then if needed will move the nerve… IN ONE SURGERY!! People… Research your ailments.

  32. Lilly says

    Does anyone else with this nerve pain also feel the same pain in the legs. I have been trying to figure out if I have more pinched nerves or if maybe a spot in my back is working harder to help for my arms. I told all of the doctors that I have been treated by that it is in my legs too, but they focus only on my arms, which are pretty bad now, but I dont want my legs to follow them.

  33. Holly says

    Hey everybody!
    My name is Holly and I am 16. I was 15 when I had this surgery. May 25, 2012. I must say, I am pretty upset with this surgery. I am in worse pain than I was before. Infact, I am going back to my surgeon tomorrow to talk about what type of surgery is next.
    I am a softball player and I regret throwing side arm. It has ruined my softball career.

  34. says

    I received ulnar transposition surgery on my left elbow 3 years ago at the Andrews Institute in Pensacola, FL. I couldn’t lift my arm to brush my teeth or brush my hair the first few months after the injury. I experienced considerable weakness in the forearm area with minimum tingling the first year post surgery, and had plenty of doubts about my arm ever being the same again. After the second year my arm started to improve quite drastically. I couldn’t afford physically therapy, so I did all my physical therapy at home, and wrote down everything I was told from my doctor. I was a 24 year old male at the time of surgery, so perhaps a spring chicken to most, but the nerve surgery was a success. I drove 10 hours to Pensacola, FL and 10 hours home for everything that lead up to the surgery and the surgery itself. I couldn’t recommend a better place to get help if you are considering this procedure or even reconstruction surgery. When a major league baseball pitcher who makes upwards of $100 million blows his arm to shreds they go to Andrews Institute. If it wasn’t for Dr. James Andrews, and Dr. Barry Callahan I’m not sure where I would be. I highly, highly recommend. Best of luck, and good health.

  35. Constable says

    I had Ulnar Nerve Transposition Surgery 36 days ago. I am 46 and otherwise very healthy. My issue was numbness in the last two fingers on my left hand, my left hand would “lock up” when doing twisting things like using a pepper grinder, and quite a loss of overall dexterity in my left hand. After the surgery I took the heavy pain pills for about 60 hours (not a fan) and then tylenol for the next 5 days. Sleep was tough, arm was in a soft wrap that prevented movement. . My largest complaint was the itching, it was crazy. Also my elbow would tingle and I could litteral feel what I can only call electrical shots as I think my nerves were trying to make contact with each other (only at the elbow not the forearm). I got out of my car and felt a chill which caused the hair on my arms to stand up (typical chill) but it was kind of neat that the location were the nerve was and was relocated too continued to tingle for about 7-10 seconds longer. Brusing was minor but swelling was and is constant. The area around my elbow would appear to be like an egg at times then go down. I have seen my Dr at the2 and 4 week marks and he was pleased with the scar around at the first meeting and the arm movement (ability to straighten out) at the second. I took 17 days off work and was able to type fairly well at 21 days. Took about 3 weeks to cross my fingers without effort. I went for a slow easy 3 mile run today (day 36) and didn’t feel anything different – Dr blessed this with the idea I would pull back if I felt anything. At 4 weeks I could push my glasses back onto my head with my left hand. The area around the cut on the top is dark red and the whole area is hard to the touch not the soft bruised type of skin I would expect. The tingling is reduced but I don’t really do what I did before so its hard to say how that is going. I could maybe hold a phone in my left had while I make a call if it was for like 5 minutes or less. At this point the worst thing is the cut is on the inside of my elbow and it touches everything, my side, my bed, my desk, my lap when I sit. That is a overall pain. I am a career military guy and would have to say I have a pretty high pain threshold so I may be on a different scale than many people who read this but I am confident that my QOL will be higher based off this surgery.

  36. Chip says

    Had ulnar nerve transpositional surgery on 11-30-2011. Still in a lot of pain, it feels like a large splinter is stuck in my elbow. Dr. M has absolutely no interest in amswering my questions or concerns. Just repeats the same old line “it will take about a year before you start feeling anything close to normal “. Going to PT but it is very painful, though it has improved the range of motion considerably. Still have the same constant pain I had before surgery, but now it’s spreading to my shoulder. It probably would have gone a lot better but there was a 3 and a half MONTH delay between the injury and the day of surgery due to getting the runaround from workman’s comp. Please don’t ever get hurt at work and find yourself at their mercy. What a bunch of heartless and sadistic individuals. They know they hold all the cards and make you beg for any and all treatments. I’ve been trying for weeks to get them to let me get a second opinion but keep getting turned down flat. I’ll be hiring a lawyer thi week and start pursuing that angle.

  37. Lindsey says

    I’m just wondering if anyone has had a successful surgery? My boyfriend is a body builder and I’m fairly certain that the hypertrophy of his flexors/forearm muscles is what is causing the impingement. However, he claims to have pressure just above his elbow… potentially a triceps concern. He would be devastated by permanent muscle lose. We know it will be a lengthy recovery but would like some GOOD news – if there is any! Alternatively, he might decide against surgery and attempt to manage his career and future with impaired grip strength and partial feeling lose.

    • Constable says

      Lindsey, I have had a positive experience with my Ulnar Nerve Transposition Surgery. I am at day 60 and normal life has returned to a great extent. I cannot use it for anything truely load bearing yet but I can put a phone up to me ear without my whole arm to hand going numb (that is a big deal for me). I had a great deal of trouble with minor motor movements with my effected hand (dropped things slow to move trouble typing etc). I do not have those issues currently. I run a lot and have been allowed to resume and have had various swelling results after most runs. I went for an hour yesterday and no major swelling. Of course aggresive weight lifting is a whole different animal. But my experience has been much better than that of most of the posted stories (from what I have read). I am active duty military and had a military doc perform the operation so not sure what that means. Range of motion is good for me also. I had tried to push this off for another year but was spooked somewhat by the doc’s remark with respect to legth of problem vs how much can be restored. Not sure if that is the same issue for your concerned about. Hope this information helps.

      • Lindsey says

        Constable, thank you for your reply and optimistic outcome. Out of curiosity, what installation performed your surgery? (I am an Army brat)

  38. sal says

    Ulnar Nerve Transposition Surgery
    Had it done Oct 3, 2012
    My two fingers are more numb now than before sugery. My whole arm is still sore and and pinky fingers has a mind of its own it sticks out from the others.My palm is also numb, Did not do that before sugery. Doc said it could take up two years to get better. Going to get the Nerve test again in March. Been on modified duty since May 2012. Is there a time for workers comp. Thanks

  39. Bill says

    I had Ulnar Nerve Transposition surgery March 19, 2012 and have had no relief from my elbow, arm pain and numbness and tingling in fingers. It has been over a year. MRI shows nerve looks enlarged or excessive scar tissue surrounding it. Constant pain. Left arm due to over use (I am R.H.) has the same problem now. Weakness in arm, hand and fingers gets worse as time goes by. Now I am told by the surgeon that 1% of people produce excessive scar tissue and only a handful of surgeons can actually fix it. (Don’t know if that is true or not). I have great fear about more surgery. I have had sepsis before so that worry is also there. Also have a partial tear they did not fix of the common extensor tendon. (Did not do MRI prior to surgery only after). Anyone know if it can be repaired? Also have Fibromyalgia so am getting really tired of being in pain. Lost my job because they had to replace me. Typing is painful also. Thinking about filing for disability. Anyone with some advice?

  40. sal says

    Just had another nerve test done on my arm. Results showed normal. I have more numbness and pain now than before the surgery. My wrist feels like its spraind also. My pinkie finger still sticks out by itself. I guess MRI next.

  41. Brandon Waddell says

    I do not understand how people have had such negative results. I am not even two weeks out of surgery and I feel great. I am still in a splint, but my arm is virtually pain free, and I have considerable strength. I believe the key to this surgery is finding a good, knowledgeable surgeon who knows the procedure well. Best of luck to all.

  42. Nephalim says

    I just had my cubital tunnel release transposition surgery this past Friday 3days ago. I’ll bookmark this page and leave a weekly report of my recovery. Right now? Sore and feeling pain where the Dr. Must of cut. I gotta big bandage and splint. Was told to do absolutely nothing with this arm, and see my Dr in two weeks. Little finger and ring finger still feel as they did before surgery (numb),but it is only a few days since…

    • curt says

      I had my ulnar release transp surgery yesterday. still feel numbness in 2 fingers. in sling, but arm movement is better. I wonder if the numbness will get beter in time? I thought it would be better right after the surgery. Any one else can tell me how long it too to get feeling back in their fingers?

  43. erick says

    Its been three years of hell after carpal and ulnar releases. My dumb ass texas workers comp puppet schedules a transposition, then does a release because he saw my insides looking ok. I was out of work and not using my arm for 2 months thru his orders! So then finally I get back to work again his orders, and the pain returns. Fuck. Pain changed me. I didn’t want to be that person taking anything. ANY THING for the pain. I could not sleep cuz of the pain and sharpies. And after a week of that gave in and took anything and everything. Saw myself desintigrating and decided to hang myself. There was this thing I used to do, at first, was to meditate and organize the little lights into a straight line across my feilds or whatever… I came to at the hospital, under guard. No traceable illegal drugs in m sysem. Alchohol, and brain damage. They blamed it on the a a a alcohol, right? There I go to rehab. It was never alcohol or drugs. I was full of fear. This insane injury changed MY plan. I was no longer considered for the promotion at work. Thousands of dollars they spent educating me. I could no longer enjoy doin the work I loved and did for ten of the best years of my young life…
    Now I’m drug and alcohol free. Changed jobs. But on nights like these. I’m afraid it will be weeks like these, and I find it so hard to hang on to faith. The mind is willing, but the body is weak. I’ve turned spiritual and I am actually happy. But nights like these. Pain like this. Changes me. Its no longer the job that did it. Reality is… I AM DISABLED. Shrink says to stop doing these things that cause me pain. Well… my three year old has tiny hands, and he likes to hold my pinky. And I love picking him up and carrying him. And I like to wash my hair. Open doors. And them sharpies? What did I do to cause them? That’s always a mystery for me. U see? Nights like these…waiting for the painkillers to work. But they aren’t working…

    • Bill says

      Hi Erick,
      I feel your pain, I really do. I am trying to get disability right now and it is an uphill battle all the way. With a failed surgery on my right arm and one needed on my left, (I will not go through another failed surgery), I have changed my outlook on life and changed every plan and goal I have ever had. My pain tolerance is zero anymore. One can only hurt for so long before it happens. The surgeon that did my surgery who did my ulnar nerve transposition surgery, told me I was his first failure. (Find it hard to believe).. Told me there is only a hand full of surgeons that he knows of that can fix my arm and that he would never operate on any part of me again for any reason. He said I produced to much scar tissue after only 4 weeks and the nerve is pinched again. Cold makes it worse. I drop things. Now I have a tremor and my hand and arm shake so badly at times it is embarrassing and very painful. I am always holding my arm up because putting it at my side is to painful. The surgeon he recommended me to and sent my records to never called. (If he was able to help me he was suppose to call). Typing this hurts. I just wanted you to know you are not alone. I have posted one other time on this site and monitor replies looking for a shred of hope. Hang in there brother.

  44. Gary says

    Hi Angelo, I have the exact same symptoms as you did, no pain but loss of dexterity and strenght.
    How did your operation turn out? Gary, The one armed Barber!

  45. Craig says

    Hi Folks. I had ulnar nerve transposition surgery 20 days ago on August 1, 2013. The pain is now being controlled by Ibuprofen about every 6-hours. I am able to do a how lot more than what the surgeon wanted me to. A little trouble sleeping due to hitting my elbow on the covers etc, but not unbearable. I have full use of my fingers, hand, and can just about straighten it completely out. Still really hurts when I stretch it too far. But it goes about 95% out. There is a pull I notice on the inside of my arm above the elbow which should be expected since all of the relocation of the nerve. Must say that I must be doing better than most of you. I told my wife before I went under the knife that I was determined to get over this faster than most. It was my mindset and so far so good. Unfortunately I am an avid bow hunter and I don’t see me pulling back my 70-lb draw weight this October…so I bought a crossbow. Of course I have to pull that back too! I have been working on it, and I’m afraid to say that I can do it…just don’t want my surgeon to know I am doing much more than I am supposed to. Keep up hope folks, it will get better. My arm still swells up some each day after too much use and I just rest it in ice to control the swelling. HEY! This is a major surgery..they may have let you go home the same day, but still a lot of trauma to the arm. I’m 20-days into it and still get minor numbness occasionally when I strain the arm more than I should. Yes, I’m hard headed…ask my wife! She is a nurse and stays on my back about it 24-7. I hope the Lord blesses youall and you recover soon. I will let you all know as I progress and as I see marked improvement in stages. Take care!

    • Bill says

      For your sake I hope it stays that way for you. It started that way for me just before it went south and turned into my worst nightmare. I am now on permanent and total disability. Good luck to you.

  46. Sambo says

    I tore the nerve out of place 2 years ago and have gone thru surgery 3 times now. The first two times the doc attempted to stitch the nerve into the fat tissue in the elbow and within two weeks after the cast was removed it was ripped loose. The third surgery he stitched into the actual muscle. It caused major muscle loss right about the elbow. It lasted for almost 6 months but I am a cna and with the work I do it ripped it loose again. Went back in and he told me that there was nothing else he could do besides a steriod shot. So I tried it and so far it hasnt helped at all. the entire side of my hand is numb and have crazy pain all the time and if I try to pick anything up that weighs more than a water bottle im in tears. Im not sure what else to do with it. Any idea?

  47. says

    I have a pinched nerve on the inside of my elbow and after testing I was told I need surgery. I am completely right handed. I am a Chef/ Party Planner/ Cater/ and Housekeeper and am unable to work. Hoping for surgery in 6-8 weeks. What can I except after the surgery?

    • says

      Hey John, I would say go for it. It took me about 4 years before all the healing was done and the nerve repaired itself. Today, it bugs me every now and then but I’m glad I had it done.

      • Nin77ca says

        4 years after nerve transposition surgery.Ulnar nerve is damaged still waiting for nerve to heal.Right now I have been using a Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber for 19 days 90 minutes to 2 hours a session.OHIP covers the session, other wise it would cost $150.00 a session which would of been impossible since have not worked since I crushed my elbow in 2010.One Dr said ulnar nerve will not heal, then a Enekinetic N_____ Health Specialist has given me “hope”.Kris B_____ is proof after 10 years his nerve has heal and he got feeling back after car accident.To this day,the hyperbaric chamber has not taken any pain away from left arm CRPS but still have 21 days before first set of Hyperbaric oxygen chamber sessions are finished.Family Doctor game me referral and I was lucky to have 4 Hyperbaric oxygen chambers in city close to my home.The 100 % oxygen goes through lungs,arteries ,skin and improves the full body?It has helped with energy and depression, which was a surprised.All I want is to get rid of pain in left arm.It feels like skin is blistering even though left arm is numb.(Hard to explain).Hot weather is the most painful time of year but winter is dangerous because left arm is partially numb I can not feel the cold.My spirits are lifting with hope my ulnar nerve could get rejuvenated .Does anyone use the Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber for C R P S? From Janine


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